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When people see SEO, they see something ambiguous that they should be afraid of. But that shouldn’t be the case. Take it from us, SEO is just like your friendly next-door neighbor that you can use to maximize the potential of your website.

Humans fear what they don’t understand, and chances are that the reason you are scared about SEO is that you don’t fully understand it.

The truth is every single organization out there wants more people to their sites so they can donate to a cause or know about their mission. The key to reaching out to the vast number of people on the Internet is through the help of Search Engine Optimization.

With SEO, you have the potential of reaching more people, get more donations for that cause and have your message heard. It is a win-win anywhere you look at it and it’s something your organization ought to incorporate. With SEO, you don’t need to be an expert, there are certain basics your organization can follow and reap substantial reward. We highlighted some of these basics below.

Set focus keywords and use them

An essential aspect of SEO is Keywords. As important as keywords are to SEO, it’s strange to see most folks still struggling with it. Keywords are words or phrases, whether short or long and the best way to look at keywords is to visualize what people actually go on Google or other search engines and search for. Place yourself in that situation and ask yourself as pertaining to a particular content, “what would I search for?”

Most of the times, persons use words as their search terms that are not really that technical. Instead of searching for the term “Customer retention”, most average people would type in “keeping customers” or “withhold customers”. So, it is very important to know the right phrases (keywords) to use before you even start writing your content. When you have your keywords all sorted out, work them into various parts of your content when you are writing.


Create meaningful and useful content

Just putting out content because you see others doing it won’t do you much good. You should have a real message and stick with it. The truth is, you can never hide a real, thought out useful content. If your contents are meaningful, useful and helpful on a consistent basis, words would spread out and people would share what you have. That’s where SEO comes into play, it will help your spread your meaningful content out and make it more accessible, what SEO wouldn’t do is perform a miracle and make a meaningless content liked and appealing. You have your part to play first in ensuring your contents are great, then SEO will do its thing.


Add descriptors to your website

Most persons often build their websites with default settings and these settings don’t give a great deal of opportunity for your website to be found online. This is where personalization comes into play. You see, there are these little tags that come with websites and that are known as descriptors. These little tags are powerful and they show up in search results and at the top of tags. Find out how you can access these powerful guys on your site and personalize every aspect of them to fit your contents and message. You would be amazed at your search engine rankings after you are done.


Use links where possible

Links are great and they can be very helpful when utilized properly. See it this way, adding links to your various content is always a great SEO enhancer. If you have similar content in the past, you can bring them up in your current content via using links. Another bonus with links is that it validates your current contents and words.

So, there you have it. With these few basics, your nonprofit organization is on its way to have its site fully 

SEO: Search Engine Optimized.