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Web Hosting by Everybody Connects

Dedicated Server Hosting

We’re currently paying for website hosting for all of our clients.  If you’re a Hosting provider and can work with handling some of the “load” we’re always happy to talk! 

Site Construction by Everybody Connects

Software Licensing

From coding applications, OS licenses to WordPress plugin licenses, if your company builds it, we can use it!    

Working Together As NonProfits

Security Related Products

Our number one goal is a security for not only our clients but their visitors as well.  If your a security related company and can help us maintain positive security in any form, please contact us. 

Ecommerce Nonprofit Sites by Everybody Connects

Creative Design Services

Any type of creative design services are always helpful.  From log design to whiteboard animations, we’re always in need of creative talent to push our sites further ahead.  

Nonprofit SEO Services by Everybody Connects.

SSO Services

SSO is a major part in any organization.  If your company can helps us supercharge our clients SSO then we would love to hear from you.

Nonprofit Website Backups by Everybody Connects

Email and other Marketing Services

Any marketing services that you or your company can help with will benefit our clients even better.  Even if its a simply taken an hour or more to make our clients more familiar with Mailchimp or other marketing systems, they would love it.