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Everybody Connects FAQs

If you still have questions, please reach out at any time.  We're here to help.  

Any United States based 501c3 nonprofit is eligible as long as they do not fall under these categories:

  • Political
  • Religious
  • Discriminatory of any kind
  • Racial Driven 

We work with all nonprofits, no matter the size.  We’re strictly a donation based organization.  You pay what your organization is comfortable with if anything.  Cant afford anything? We have you covered.

We’re here to help your nonprofit and cost wont be a factor.   Our amazing volunteers and contributors will make it happen for you.

If you are currently pursuing your 501c3 or an organization that has a great track record of working to benefit others.  Contact us, we’ll work with you! 

We strive to be a secure solution for your nonprofits website.  All sites come with secure SSL installed.

We also work with you on best security practices with your new website including setting up 2-Factor authorization to your backend and other security factors to tighten secure your content.

Of course!  And we make it easy for you.  We build on WordPress backgrounds and add Elementor editing plugins to each site. 

This give you an easy, well designed CMS to edit your own content. 

We will happy help you move your current website over to Everybody Connects.    

A lot of nonprofits tend to do this for Security and cost benefits to their organization. 

Absolutely!   We will happily build a wonderful shopping cart system for you site to sell items. 

Theres so many benefits and additions we can do its easier to talk to us direct if interested in this setup. 

It all depends on how large the site and its content is.  We’ve had some basic organization site up and going in less than two days. 

For a donation to our organization we’re happy to help out in most cases.  Please contact us with more information on your needs/wants.

No problem at all, well work with you on setting up your domain name and get you in the right direction. 

Any donor money goes back into our services and operations.  This includes various licensing, hosting cost, systems and infrastructure.  

Your Donations will never go to:  Payroll, Lodging, Government lobbying and other functions stated within our bylaws. 

We encourage our clients to get the most our of our hosting and security services.  In some cases the clients already paid for the year or under a contract.  Contact us and lets talk.  We’re still happy help you out.