Why do Nonprofits need a SSL?

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Why is SSL important to your Nonprofit?

So, you’ve noticed the HTTP and HTTPS in the URLs of websites. What the heck is the difference?  When the URL starts with HTTPS, the “S” stands for “Secure”.  HTTPS sites can include the SSL 2048-bit certificate key and can protect a website connection through authentication and encryption. When you properly install an SSL certificate for your site, it’ll activate the beloved green-padlock and allows secure connections from a web server/service to a person’s browser.

SEO and SSL.  Is it important?

Around 2013, Google rolled out updated complex algorithms across their search engines in favor of HTTPS secured websites. At that time it was only a small component within Googles overall ranking algorithm and HTTPS websites experienced only minor ranking increases. Not what Google was hoping for.  In 2018, Google indicated started pushing the strengthening of websites in their algorithm and currently focusing on making its search engine crawls more secure including the sites they index.


Increased Google Rankings

Over 58% of the first page sites as of 2018 on Google are HTTPS, this is not a surprise, since Google has confirmed that they favor HTTPS sites over not secured HTTP sites.

Improved Security

This year, 2018, Google added harder and more complex criteria to the rankings algorithm to provide better website experience. HTTPS protects your visitors information and client information from crazy hackers.


Increase Your Users Conversions

While your website customers or visitors may not have a complete understanding of SSL secured connections, now and days more believe that the HTTPS means the site is secured when they are browsing or  providing personal information on your site.


Updated Browser Labels

Google is starting to highlight and mark http sites with a red triangle with a “Not Secure” label written in red.  This makes it a lot easier to standout.

If your website is enabled with a SSL certificate, it can display a nice green HTTPS with secure padlock icon in browsers.

Increased Visitors Confidence in your brand

With all of the recent Google buzz about HTTPS lately, more users are specifically looking for that green SSL lock when visiting your website. A secured connection gives your visitors the peace of mind that your website is better secured and trusted. 

At Everybody Connects, every site we host comes with a static IPV6 address with a nice green padlock, SSL certificate installed.  We believe in Security 1st for our clients and their visitors.